Red rubber grease technical information and safety data sheets from different manufacturers.

Red Rubber Grease data sheets and msds.

Below you will find a few links with technical specs on red rubber grease from such manufacturers as Castrol (Girling), Millers Oils, United Oil Products. The specs are similar, but may be helpful for comparison purpose. They describe features, recommended applications and usage, physical characteristics.

Among different properties of the grease, the main point of interest in comparing RRGs from different manufacturers are:
Rubber swell %,
Oil viscosity
Temperature range

RRG from any manufacturer is vegetable oil based, but the particular ingridients may vary.

Castrol RRG is one of the most popular greases of the kind and traditionally recommended for vintage British car hydraulic brakes and clutches.

Castrol red rubber grease Technical data sheet
DeoJay red rubber grease Technical data sheet
Millers oils red rubber grease product data sheet
New Tech Lubes red rubber grease data sheet
Castrol red rubber grease MSDS
Fuchs Renolit red rubber grease (G51) safety data