General tips on rebuilding and maintenance of hydraulic brake and clutch hydraulic systems.

Follow this tip and a success in overhauling brakes is guaranteed. Well... if you also follow the instructions and use correct parts in correct places.

While rebuilding brakes it's good to keep in mind a story my friend, a pilot, once told me. There was an old aircraft mechanic. One day he was finishing rebuilding an engine. He was smoking while working and suddenly an ash from his cigarette fell into the engine. What did he do? He started taking the engine completely apart.

There are two morals in this story. The first one is - don't smoke while you work. The second one is the main tip that can be given while rebuilding brakes - cleanliness. Of course, brakes are not an airplane engine, but nevertheless your life and life of others can depend on them.

So here is the great tip on rebuilding brakes, no matter master cylinder, wheel cylinders or calipers: keep everything clean. Surgically clean.

1. Clean all parts thoroughly.

2. Keep your hands and workplace clean.

3. Use only clean tools and clean rugs.

4. Use fresh brake fluid and clean grease (red rubber grease, caliper grease).

Even though your life does not depend that much on your clutch, but anyway, while rebuilding clutch component keep it all clean too.

Another tip will help you in keeping things clean: buy brake fluid and grease in small containers. Look at a pint-size can of red rubber grease on the picture below and you will see why. One ounce of grease is enough to rebuild one car or motorcycle brake hydraulic system: the master cylinder and the calipers (or wheel cylinders).

image of dirty can of brake caliper red rubber grease